I love this picture of me

I love this picture of me. I got it taken at a work event on the Headshot Truck. I was pregnant with my Miles and just beginning to glow with the joy of the love of my life growing in my belly. I use it on all of my apps that I use at my new job, slack, salesforce, jira etc.

I posted it on Facebook and got so many nice comments.

"This photo beams with joy!"

"That's a great photo Taylor!! So pretty!"

"Listen, not to be a hater, but how dare you not age a single day since motherforking 2000."

Which is why I want to tell you about how it was chosen to be on another website when a photo of me was needed, and someone photoshopped my smile to be smaller. 

I get it. I have a big head, big face, big smile. 

I remember being in high school and smiling with all my joy and someone being like, woah tone it down. I remember how it took until much later, maybe even my 30s before I was like, fuck it, this is my big ass smile. I'm not holding it back. 

So I said something, and it was changed back.

Maybe I'm procrastinating doing my homework and putting my kids to bed, but I look at this picture every day, and I look at my baby every day and I remember how I felt while he was cookin' and I will never hold back that joy. 


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